Carlos Gantiva, PhD

Associate Professor, Universidad de los Andes

Carlos is a psychologist with a master’s and doctorate in clinical and health psychology, specifically, in the area of clinical psychophysiology. He is an associate professor of the Department of Psychology of the Universidad de los Andes and is a senior researcher at Colciencias. He is also a psychology guest editor for Frontiers and Emotion Science. His research interests include psychophysiology and behavioral economics applied to health communication (especially for the development of public policies for the prevention of addictions and the promotion of healthy eating habits), evaluation and psychophysiological intervention of clinical and prosocial behavior disorders, and psychophysiology, social networks, and computer-mediated communication.


Professional Expertise


Health policy and management, Public health, Psychology, Social and behavioral sciences


Addiction/substance abuse, Common mental health conditions, Food security and nutrition, Non-communicable diseases

Methodological Areas

Measurement/psychometrics, Quantitative methods, Theory of change/logic models

Strategies expertise

Decision supports, Health promotion, Health technology

Intervention Expertise

Mental health awareness/promotion, Campaigns/information, education, and communication, Cognitive behavioral therapy

Partnership Expertise

Health departments/health agencies, Hospitals/health systems, Schools and universities