Corina Chiorean, LCOMM(PR)

Corina Chiorean, LCOMM(PR) has a successful career in education and community projects. With over fifteen years of experience in organizing and managing such projects, she has likely developed strong leadership and project management skills and a deep understanding of the needs and challenges faced by communities in need. In 2016, Corina joined the Transylvania College Foundation team, where she has been able to apply her expertise in the field of education. Today, as a Program Director, Corina is involved in many national and international educational projects. Over the years, Corina has continued demonstrating her commitment to teacher training and promoting well-being in schools. She values ongoing professional development and is passionate about creating positive learning environments that support the well-being of students and teachers. Additionally, Corina coordinates research and data analysis programs related to mental health and youth programs. Her work in education reflects a desire to positively impact young people’s lives and create environments that support their growth and well-being.


Professional Expertise


Anthropology, Health policy and management, Health promotion/education, International development, Public health, Psychology


Common mental health conditions, Resilience, Stress and coping, Trauma

Methodological Areas

Community engagement and CBPR, Grant and proposal writing, Program evaluation

Strategies expertise

Community engagement, Decision supports, Dissemination and implementation, Intervention scale-up, Supervision and coaching

Intervention Expertise

Campaigns/information, education, and communication, Mental health awareness/promotion, School-based interventions, Evidence-based mental health practices

Partnership Expertise

Community-based organizations/coalitions, For-profit organizations/corporations, International NGOs, Professional associations, Schools and universities