Juan Fernando Botero-Garcia, PhD

Research Manager, Heartland Alliance International

Juan Fernando is an anthropologist with a Ph.D. in Political Science. He provides socioeconomic and political risk assessments to design and implement projects for the sustainable development of indigenous and peasant communities. Accordingly, he constructs communication strategies to empower these communities and devise managing practices to help them prioritize their necessities to manage in dialogue with the mining, energy, and agroindustrial industries the environmental impact that these activities might have on their territories. The main objective of Dr. Botero-Garcia’s work is to help outline public policies that can be easily implemented in rural communities allowing their socioeconomic growth by strengthening their social networks, as well as their personal, associative, and mental health wellbeing. These are fundamental for the establishment of resilient communities that can empower their members to construct models of development attuned to their cultural and traditional practices

Email: jbotero@heartlandalliance.org

Professional Expertise


International development, Anthropology


Common mental health conditions, Conflict/post-conflict settings, Displaced population health, migration/refugee issues, Economic development/livelihood

Methodological Areas

Efficacy/effectiveness trials, Human-centered design/design thinking/innovation techniques, Program evaluation, Qualitative methods, Quantitative methods, Survey development, Sociopolitical risk assessments

Strategies expertise

Community engagement, Dissemination and implementation, Intervention scale-up, Sustainability

Intervention Expertise

Campaigns/information, education, and communication

Partnership Expertise

Community-based organizations/coalitions, Government agencies, Multilateral organizations, Schools and universities