Karine Le Roch, PhD

MHPSS Research Project Advisor, Action contre La Faim

Karine is a clinical psychologist and holds a PhD in psychology and psychopathology. Since 2013, as Mental Health and Care Practices Research Project Officer for Action Contre La Faim, she has been coordinating the implementation of research projects on topics related to maternal mental health, child care practices and child undernutrition in developing countries. Besides, she has contributed to developing data management system, tools, indicators, and methodologies for monitoring and evaluating mental health and care practices programmes. She is also involved in designing projects that will identify, test and implement innovative technologies that will participate to improving the quality of intervention on Early Child Development and maternal and child health and well-being. Prior to this, Dr Le Roch has implemented mental health and psychosocial programmes with refugee, displaced and migrant populations in Europe (Bosnia-Hercegovina and Poland), South-East-Asia (Thailand), South Asia (India, Bangladesh, Pakistan) and Middle East (Jordan, Syria and Lebanon) between 1998 and 2012.

Email: kleroch@actioncontrelafaim.org

Professional Expertise


Psychology, Early child development


Common mental health conditions, Conflict/post-conflict settings, Displaced population health, migration/refugee issues, Gender-based violence and intimate partner violence, Stress and coping, Trauma

Methodological Areas

Measurement/psychometrics, mHealth/eHealth, Program evaluation, Qualitative methods

Strategies expertise

Capacity building, Dissemination and implementation

Intervention Expertise

Interpersonal therapy, Mental health awareness/promotion, Parenting interventions, Psychosocial skills

Partnership Expertise

Community-based organizations/coalitions, Government agencies, Health departments/health agencies, Hospitals/health systems, International NGOs