Lucia Benavides

Project Officer, HIAS

Lucia is a clinical psychologist with experience in individual and group psychotherapy for patients hospitalized due to psychiatric pathologies, and in performing an integrative and multidisciplinary work. She has worked as a coordinator in the internal management of administrative processes and functions of psychology departments and internship programs. She has also worked as a trainer for a psychosocial project focused on providing integral sexual education for the prevention of sexual violence among adolescents in educational contexts, where she worked through a participatory, gender, and peer methodology and approach. Currently, she maintains a private practice providing a virtual psychotherapy space, working mostly with children and adolescents from a respectful parenting approach. The role she plays within the HEARD project involves coordinating operations from the technical direction of the research in the field with the research team. She also manages and executes the activities corresponding to the phases of the study in the town of Tulcán for the group psychosocial intervention, which seeks to improve psychosocial well-being and generate local integration between migrant and local women through collective learning and coping tools.


Professional Expertise


Health promotion/education, Human rights/international law, Psychology, Social and behavioral sciences, Respectful parenting approach


Common mental health conditions, Displaced population health, migration/refugee issues, Gender-based violence and intimate partner violence, Maternal and child health, Severe mental health conditions, Stress and coping

Methodological Areas

Efficacy/effectiveness trials, Measurement/psychometrics, Qualitative methods, Quantitative methods, Simulation and systems science, Theory of change/logic models

Strategies expertise

Community engagement, Health promotion, Supervision and coaching, Sustainability

Intervention Expertise

Mental health awareness/promotion, Campaigns/information, education, and communication, Family interventions, Parenting interventions, Psychosocial skills, Support groups, Psychodynamic therapy

Partnership Expertise

Community-based organizations/coalitions, Government agencies, Health departments/health agencies, International NGOs, Schools and universities