María José Noboa Muñoz

Research Assistant, HIAS

María is a sociologist with a major in development with experience in the field of social phenomena from the individual and group level. The areas in which she works range from the collection and analysis of social information to consulting, community management and research. She has studies in specialized areas such as gender, age, location, resilience, education and pedagogy, children, youth and human rights. María has worked in research, planning, implementation and monitoring of social development projects. In addition, she has formulated impact initiatives with population in vulnerable situations, especially with population deprived of liberty and with unsatisfaction of basic needs from a participatory, sustainable and gender approach, mainstreaming the axis of mental health. As a research assistant for the HEARD Project, she has carried out activities such as data collection, construction of community data collection tools, and participant recruitment strategies, as well as data analysis and intervention design.


Professional Expertise


Health promotion/education, Social and behavioral sciences


Displaced population health, migration/refugee issues, Gender-based violence and intimate partner violence, Maternal and child health, Resilience, Security and safety issues/protection, Sexual and reproductive health, Stress and coping

Methodological Areas

Community engagement and CBPR, Grant and proposal writing, Intervention development and testing, Qualitative methods, Spatial analysis/GIS mapping, Survey development

Strategies expertise

Advocacy, Community engagement, Capacity building, Supervision and coaching, Sustainability

Intervention Expertise

Anti-stigma interventions, Mental health awareness/promotion, Psychosocial skills, Support groups, Mindfulness/meditation, Livelihood and employment

Partnership Expertise

Community-based organizations/coalitions, International NGOs, Schools and universities