Thea Villate

Thea Villate-Bocconello, graduate Psychologist from Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá, Colombia. Ms. Villate – Bocconello has postgraduate studies in Trauma and Recovery from Harvard University and Education, Learning Disabilities, Human Resource Management, Sustainable Development, Public Policy, Displaced Population, Non-Violent Communication and Do-No-Harm from other institutions. She has worked with Diplomatic Missions throughout her professional life and she is now Program Manager at USAID/Colombia working with Conflict Victims, People with Disabilities, Ethnic Populations, Psychosocial/Mental Health, Inclusive Development


Professional Expertise


International development, Psychology


Methodological Areas

Strategies expertise

Intervention Expertise

Health system interventions, Mental health awareness/promotion, Psychosocial skills, Evidence-based mental health practices

Partnership Expertise