Child Protection Rapid Assessment (CPRA)

Allows for a rapid, inter-agency assessment of Child Protection needs and existing local resources following the onset of an emergency. It is recommended for use within three to four weeks following the onset of an emergency. When possible, it should be used in conjunction with other coordinated Protection Rapid Assessments. Works best when conducted as a collaborative and coordinated effort among all Child Protection members, including governments. When possible, a lead organization should be selected to organize and spearhead group efforts, and a Child Protection Rapid Assessment Task Force (CPRATF) formed to manage the assessment process. Different communities are chosen through a structured purposive sampling—a sampling process in which information is collected in select communities to estimate the needs of an entire population. The CPRA covers all major child protection issues, including psychosocial distress, but does not explore then in depth. It allows for a broad estimate of the situation to guide quick planning and action. Desk review, key informant interviews, and direct observations are used for collecting data. Information collected from each community is compiled into a single ‘site report’ which forms the basis of the analysis. The accompanying excel-based data management tool allows for timely analysis of data, using descriptive analysis techniques, and produces basic graphs and tables. As part of the methodology, it is recommended that an interpretation workshop is organized upon initial analysis of the data, involving child protection actors. There is potential for extracting questions addressing psychosocial concerns for use within other surveys.

Related Publications

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What it measures

Pyschosocial and emotional wellbeing, Safety


Global Protection Cluster: Child Protection