Children’s Depression Inventory (CDI)

A 27-item, self-report tool used to assess symptoms and severity of depression in children. The CDI questionnaire, which can be administered individually or in a group setting, poses various statements relating to mood, interpersonal problems, ineffectiveness, lack of energy, and negative symptoms, to which respondents are to select three that best describe their thoughts and feelings over the past two weeks. Apart from the primary CDI, administered directly to children, the CDI exists in other versions—CDI-S, a 10-item, condensed version of the tool that allows for rapid screening; the CDI-P, for administration to parents, and based on behavior observed at home; and CDI-T, given to teachers, who report on observed behaviors at school and in social settings. The tool is scored from 0 to 54, with scores above 19 indicative of depression. The CDI, which takes about 15 minutes to administer (10 minutes for CDI-S), is available both in paper and computerized-formats.

Related Publications

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Children aged 7-16



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