Hopkins Symptom Checklist – 25/37A (HSCL-25/37A)

A screening tool that assesses mental wellbeing based on five symptom dimensions—somatization, obsessive-compulsion, interpersonal sensitivity, anxiety, and depression. It is comprised of various versions, ranging from 90 to 10 items (i.e. HSCL-90, -71, -64, -58, -35, -31, -25, -20, and -10), and scaled based on four categories of responses: Not at All (1), A Little (2), Quite a Bit (3), and Extremely (4). Originally developed as a self-report tool, over time and in contexts where illiteracy predominates, HSC has been adapted for use as an interviewer administered tool. HSCL can be used for various purposes: research; epidemiological studies; clinical screening in medical and psychiatric patients, and in “healthy” populations; to measure clinical change; and to monitor and evaluate effectiveness of interventions. The HSCL25 consists of 25 items that are broken down into two sub-scales: 10 items for assessment of anxiety and 15 items that screen for depression.

Related Publications

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What it measures

Depression, Anxiety, Pyschosocial and emotional wellbeing, Mental Disorders


Harvard Program on Refugee Trauma


Adults and adolescents



English, Japanese, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Laotian, Croatian, Bosnian