International Organization for Migration’s Psychosocial Tools

A manual comprising various population-level psychosocial assessment tools used globally by the International Organization for Migration (IOM). In its methodological approach, the IOM tools incorporate aspects of other psychosocial assessment measures, namely the Rapid Appraisal Procedure (RAP), which relies on a variety of measurement strategies— literature reviews, informant interviews, focus group interviews, field-level observations, and individual and family interviews—to glean insight into populations’ needs. The IOM tools consist of two distinct questionnaires—a Questionnaire for International and National Stakeholders, which identifies psychosocial needs and responses by key international and national organizations; and a Questionnaire for Local Stakeholders and Key Members of the Displaced Population, which queries the needs expressed by affected populations and their coping strategies, and/or desired postemergency services. In addition to the two questionnaires, there are other tools: a Qualitative Household Questionnaire, which focuses on an emergency’s psychosocial effect on households, particularly children; A Scheme for Psychosocial Wellbeing, which studies the emotional experiences of displacement in terms of housing, employment, school, and social life; and Distress Indicators, which aim to identify common psychosocial-related symptoms and/or areas of dysfunction seen in affected families and communities. For all IOM tools, a conversational approach to interviewing is emphasized, rather than asking direct questions. Additionally, non-verbal communication and body language, both from the respondent and people in his/her family, are valuable pieces for analyses. A minimum of 30 interviews should be completed to have enough data to derive meaningful information.

Related Publications

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What it measures

Pyschosocial and emotional wellbeing, Needs


International Organization for Migration (IOM)


Humanitarian and disaster-afflicted communities