Who is Where, When, Doing What? (4Ws)

An inter-agency tool used in the aftermath of humanitarian crises to assess and coordinate various mental health and psychosocial response efforts. The tool is intended for use by mental health and psychosocial support agencies—NGO, governmental, and intergovernmental—rather than individuals, and is operated through an Excel spread sheet file, where various pieces of data about each participating agencies’ mental health and psychosocial activities are entered and used for evaluating response actions. Information entered into the data file comes from interviews with representatives of participating agencies, and consists of short-sentence responses, numerical values, or activity codes. The activity codes, found in the tool’s manual, reflect common activities undertaken after an emergency situation, and are divided by: community activities, activities for identified cases, and general activities. The initial use of the tool averages about two weeks in duration, and requires periodic updates.

Related Publications

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