Community-based psychosocial support interventions for populations affected by conflict and displacement: Lessons from a multinational collaborative study

The majority of the mental health and psychosocial support (MHPSS) interventions that have been most rigorously evaluated in humanitarian settings are clinical, individually focused mental health treatment interventions.The evidence base on preventative and community-level psychosocial interventions, which address the social considerations for basic services and security, and strengthening community and family support, is less robust. The primary goal of this study is to assess the impact of community-based psychosocial support interventions in displaced and conflict-affected populations, considering diverse regions and contexts. This study summarizes mental health and psychosocial outcomes collected across the five intervention studies which formed the MHPSS Learning Collaborative. Lessons learned from these studies can inform the development of community- based and early prevention mental health task sharing in community settings

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Briefs, fact sheets, and brochures


CUNY Center for Innovation in Mental Health



Key words:

Task shifting, Psychosocial support, Mental health access, Humanitarian settings, Maternal mental health




Humanitarian and conflict-afflicted