Opportunities for partnership and continued investment

The Trust Fund for Victims through TPO Uganda provided an opportunity to address the traumatic effects borne by the victims of the LRA war in selected districts in Northern Uganda. The testimonies and voices of beneficiaries demonstrate the gradual progress made towards restored dignity and a productive life within their communities. These initiatives are crucial for healing and guaranteeing non-reoccurrence of conflict in the region.

There are opportunities to strengthen partnerships and investments in order to increase the scope of beneficiaries. Consolidating ongoing efforts requires strengthening research and advocacy to continue strengthening and guiding government involvement for sustainability. With no demonstrated implementation of the 15% health expenditure as per the Abuja Declaration, we miss the opportunity to prioritize mental health and physical rehabilitation issues as government mandate in the context of transitional justice.

Deliberate efforts to promulgate and disseminate lessons as well as the best practices of working models for strengthening recovery outcomes in Northern Uganda are essential. It is imperative academia, development partners and local organizations join these efforts to push for financing towards holistic interventions that address physical, emotional and economic needs of survivors of the LRA war.

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