Promoting the health of refugees and migrants: experiences from around the world

This publication is a compendium of 49 country examples highlighting efforts in improving refugees’ and migrants’ health following the adoption of the WHO Global Action Plan on Promoting the health of refugees and migrants at the seventy-second World Health Assembly, in May 2019.

Produced by the WHO Health and Migration Programme based on voluntary submissions from Member States and partners, the report showcases how different countries – with varying health systems and different challenges and facilitators towards universal health coverage – have implemented practices to promote the health of refugees and migrants. It explores collaboration among different organizations and stakeholders, governance models and the lessons learned during implementation of practices. The country and local experiences have been used to support provision of general policy considerations for progression of health and well-being for all, including refugees, migrants and the host populations they live with.

The report is intended primarily for high-level decision-makers responsible for setting policies, strategies, and plans and for developing budgets for refugees and migrants at national and subnational levels, specialists in health financing, gender specialists, health insurance authorities, national statistical offices, monitoring specialists, advocates, researchers, consultants, and civil society organizations active in the field of refugee and migrant health.

Resource type:

Research summaries/systematic reviews, Case studies and success stories,





Key words:

Psychological first aid, Suicide prevention, Task shifting, Psychosocial support, Innovation, Mental health access, Safety, Humanitarian settings




Humanitarian and conflict-afflicted, General